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Choice: Texas trailer

Choice: Texas has a game trailer! The game’s first launch will be in the next few weeks, and we are so excited. And, to top it off, all Indiegogo perks were shipped as of February 28, 2014.

And, if you’re jut learning about Choice: Texas, here are the basics:

Choice: Texas is an educational interactivefiction game addressing reproductive healthcare access in the state of Texas. Players navigate the states reproductive healthcare system trough one of five fictional Texas women. The game’s characters include Latrice, a Houston attorney with a long-term boyfriend, a high-pressure career, and a number of family obligations; Leah, a small-town bartender living with her parents as she saves money and plans for her next steps; Alex, a promising high school student weighing her options for college and trying to live up to her family’s expectations; Jess, a young Austin-area professional looking forward to starting a family with her husband; and Maria, a LVN and mother trying to create comfortable home and future for her children. Each character is a composite, reflecting and combining the real, live experiences of Texans.

The game is set for release as a free-to-play web game. It is a collaborative development project by game studies scholar and historian Carly Kocurek and writer an activist Allyson Whipple, and it features original illustrations by artist Grace Jennings. Choice: Texas was funded through Indiegogo and built using Twine.

Please reblog and share widely! We are so excited about the upcoming launch.