Monthly Archives: November 2013

Brief, exciting news

We will be sending a full newsletter update in the next week. But, at the moment, we’ve been working on swag for the folks who contributed financially to our IndieGoGo campaign. Postcards, travel mugs, and tote bags are all in production, and buttons and stickers should be in production in the next couple weeks.

And, of course, we’re still hard at work on the game. More news on that front soon.

Choice: Texas newsletter

Choice: Texas Logo

Hi folks! Choice: Texas now has an exciting newsletter, where you get updates about game production. We won’t send you more than a couple e-mails a month, and you’ll be the first to know about all kinds of exciting news. We also promise to only contact you about Choice: Texas, and we won’t ever give anybody else your e-mail address. So, please sign up right here.

The game is coming along according to schedule, so we’ll be hitting some pretty big benchmarks in the coming weeks. We’ll keep posting updates here, but the newsletter will give you more detailed information.