This page contains some spoilers.

However, Choice: Texas contains some sensitive content, and we do not want play to be needlessly traumatic for those interested in the game. If you are less concerned about upsetting content, we recommend just picking a character and playing. However, here are some notes if you want to be more careful in your choice:

Alex's storyline details the difficulties of a teenager facing a surprise pregnancy.

Jess's storyline deals with a dangerous crisis pregnancy and the loss of a child.

Leah's storyline begins with a sexual assault. The assault is not described in great detail, but it is important to the story and drives Leah’s own decision making.

Latrice's story and Maria’s story are less driven by trauma. This is not to say that they are not upsetting, but they do address the situations of two women with relatively high access to healthcare, financial resources, and familial and community support.